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Simon Wayman Presents a One Day Illustrated

New information Talk

New information & science on:

  • Current changes in our Earth’s & Sun’s magnetic field & its effects on us
  • Truth about our weather – runaway heating or ice age?
  • What we are not told about our planet & history
  • Ancient Civilisations - their technology & our hidden history. New evidence to expand your perspective
  • White Powder Gold / Ormus. What is it and how to get it. An amazing story
  • Energy & health from Water - Do we need to eat?
  • The hidden power in water. How to improve it for our health and upliftment


Most of this information is either not in the mainstream or is hard to find, so you should find it an exiting day. Each subject is worthy of a talk in its own right but seen together they give a tremendous insight into our world.

This is basically a non-technical talk so anyone can enjoy it.

A starting point for your own growth & research. You will be shown where you can find out more.

All these subjects are linked in a fascinating, illustrated talk.

Venue info;

Saturday 16th March 2019

10.00 – 5.00pm in Horam, East Sussex

Cost £50.00


Book now to reserve your place. (Limited number of spaces).

£10 Deposit – Non-refundable.

Payment by Cheque or Bank Transfer only.

(Remainder £40 payable on the day or 24 hours before if by Bank Transfer)

Booking details:    email:  simon@sw-hypnotherapy.co.uk