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Slimming & Eating Disorders


Why do so many people put on weight?

In many people there is the need to feel good when things aren't going well or when our stress level is high. This comfort eating is well known to many who will either nibble or may indulge in a big meal to fill the need for something good.

Emotional Release Therapy is used to help remove the anxiety and blocked emotion which causes comfort eating, dealing with any unconscious links to over-eating and eating comfort foods. It helps you to focus on healthy food and get you back to enjoying normal meals.

By using this therapy the focus is changed from 'dieting' to 'being the way you want to be'. Positive feelings of doing what you want to do.

Most people who have Emotional Release Therapy for weight loss, find that they can easily overcome their eating problems and that their weight reduces naturally without any conscious changes or diets at all. This shows that they were previously using their eating for comfort and as a stress reducer.

Anorexia, bulimia, bingeing, over-eating, poor body image

Eating disorders can come from many internal issues. Such as inner feelings of not being happy or of disapproving of the self, issues with food where it is associated with comfort, reward, helping to block negative feelings etc. Also there are issues with poor body image, self dislike and feeling unlovable. These include mental, emotional and physical issues, and from these comes the outer symptoms of eating and food.

For long-lasting help the inner buried hurt and emotion need to be found, resolved and released. Emotional Release Therapy is a thorough and gentle way of achieving this in a short time. By dealing with all of your bottled-up emotion you can be freed from symptoms of any kind.

I have found by taking many people through Emotional Release Therapy that when their inner problems, traumas and hurts have been dealt with, then their outer issues can be successfully changed. Many times I have found that these symptoms simply melt away on their own. With eating disorders the results are the same, with people reverting to a normal eating pattern once their inner anxieties have been relieved.