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Simon Wayman Hypnotherapist & HypnoAnalyst

In easy reach of Heathfield, Horam, Hailsham, Mayfield, Polegate, Eastbourne, Uckfield, Crowborough, Lewes, East Sussex, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

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Emotional Release Therapy

Help for anxiety, depression, panic attacks, slimming & eating disorders, feeling emotionally stuck, lack of confidence, low self esteem & all emotional disorders.




Hypnotherapist  Hypno-Analyst 

Holistic Healer  Spiritual Counsellor

Horam, near Heathfield, East Sussex, England, UK

Appointments  Tel. 01435 813775

Email. simon@sw-hypnotherapy.co.uk





A brief introduction to the use of
Emotional Release Therapy

  • As a therapy for emotional and anxiety conditions

  • For psychologically created physical problems

  • To help change habits and unconscious behaviour

  • To help you be the person you want to be


Many people suffer from mental, physical and emotional problems which cause their lives to be less enjoyable and less productive than they could be. By using the techniques of Emotional Release Therapy it is possible to very quickly achieve a release of trauma and blocked emotion which can remove the causes of many symptoms.  (see below)



Most people don't realise that the majority of their illnesses have a non-physical cause. These illnesses can be treated without the use of drugs. Treating only the symptoms will never lead to a permanent cure.


The number of illnesses which can be helped is truly amazing. The reason why this therapy can help with so many conditions is because these conditions are only 'symptoms' of an underlying anxiety, such as a buried trauma, emotion, shock, bereavement etc, which was not expressed at the time.

Emotional Release Therapy  is used to discover the original cause of the psychological problems . It is a means to get to the root cause of the problem. Once it is revealed and removed, the symptom should permanently disappear.

It can be accomplished in a few weeks, typically 6 - 10 one hour sessions at weekly intervals.

I deal with these and many other problems not mentioned here. Whatever your problem, you can be sure that you will receive the best of attention and that I will respect totally your right to confidentiality and privacy.

Clients must be 18 years or over.



The therapy which I carry out is a very personal, in depth release of the person's inner fears, blocked and unresolved feelings, and repressed emotions. It is carried out in a quiet and gentle way, allowing the memories and emotion to flow back and release pent-up anger, grief and fears of the past. By unblocking these emotions an enormous change can be evoked, relieving years of frustration and liberating the person's feelings. This will lead to a freedom of expression and an ability to move forwards in life, and also to a relief of the emotionally caused symptoms.

I work with my patients in an holistic way, treating the whole person and never just the symptoms. It is so important to deal with each person at their level and at their speed, tailoring the therapy to fit each person's individual needs.


My Promise To You

Whatever your problem, you can be sure that you will receive the best of attention and that I will respect totally your right to confidentiality and privacy.


Conditions which can be helped by the use of Emotional Release Therapy

Agoraphobia, alcohol dependency, allergies, anger, anorexia, anxiety, asthma, blushing, bulimia, bullying, burn-out, childhood abuse, claustrophobia, compulsions, cystitis, depression, eating disorders, emotional problems, exam nerves, exhaustion, feeling emotionally stuck, habits, headaches, inhibitions, insecurity, insomnia, irrational fears, irritable bowel syndrome, lack of confidence, low self esteem, migraines, nerve rashes, nervous twitches, nightmares, over-eating, panic attack, pain, phobias, poor body image, post traumatic stress disorder, PTSD, relationship problems, recurring dreams, sleep disorders, self harming, sexual abuse, sexual problems, shyness, slimming, stress, stammering, stuttering, trauma, worry.


If you have any medical problem you should first consult a medical doctor.